Licar packaging promotes the innovation in impulse products

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Licar packaging, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of ripper tape and adhesive strips exhibiting company offers a set of solutions aimed at product differentiation, ease of use and accessibility by the customer. Since 1993, the spanish company has strived to offer its customers continuous innovation

Licar packaging has over twenty years of experience in the manufacture of adhesive strips exhibiting and packaging solutions applicable to the Channel Impulse products as snacks, nuts or candies.

The spanish company offers a wide range of products sold throughout the domestic market and exports to various countries in Europe, Asia and America.

It works with three lines of industry solutions for sweets and snacks which consist of easy closing and easy opening system for impulse products.

Sales boost

The adhesive strips are exhibiting an excellent tool to facilitate product visibility. Are exported to more than ten countries and its customers include the largest companies in the sector.

It is an established product, made with a complex of cardboard and adhesive protective film that follows to place the product.

The advantage over other solutions lies in the price and cost savings in handling the product, since they are needed only twenty seconds to place ten bags.

The strip is customized for each client depending on the product exhibited. They can be placed in flexible packaging products, semi-rigid (cap juices) or rigid (granola bars) of between 20 and 250 g.

In 2014 two products were launched in this line, as the bracket of four units was presented at the Gulfood exhibition in Dubai last year.

This line is ideal for bags of up to thirty grams, for promotions 3 + 1 pack or sale of four units.

The other product is the strip Lollipop, for lollipops lollipops or whose format is fully customizable as all exhibitors Licar strips.

In 2015 a major investment was made in new manufacturing machinery display strips, allowing you to expand its production capacity and reduce delivery times.


Close Resealable

2014 was the year of release Re.Close, the strip closes easily resealable bags, 2015 being the year of full consolidation of this solution for snack manufacturer Pepsico and their brand Lay’s, expanding the range of products to which It is applied, and moving this solution to other countries.

It is ideal for various uses flexible packaging product.

It is an innovation that clearly differentiates the product the customer against the competition, providing functionality in the use of container, improving product preservation and promoting responsible consumption.

Re.Close offers the advantage of easy implementation on existing lines without reducing vertical packaging machine speed.

Another important advantage is that it is not necessary to modify existing packaging formats easy to implement closed.

In 2015 there will be a new release of resealable solution for the market for sweets and snacks.



Easy open

Licar has Supastrip the tearing tape as the market consolidated solution for applications having cookies, gum, bars, etc ..

It is available in both 1.6 and 2 mm wide, and can be customized printing up to ten colors.

In 2014 another important novelty was presented: Shrinktape

It is an easy open tape shrink film. Similar to the tearing tape revolutionary in terms of its composition, since it allows the opening of shrink products, since the tape does not lose properties when passing through the shrink tunnel product.

This year will be presented in this new product line: the VDP tape that allows promotional actions by printing a personalized alphanumeric code for each package the customer.

By checking via sms or internet, consumers can interact with the Brand.

This tape has been used successfully in product campaigns in other countries Nestle chocolate bar for Carlos V

Both solutions easy open easy as closed, Packaging Licar provides complete solutions and tape applicators, making the complete installation and servicing required.

Licar is working on getting the stringent BRC / IoP (British Retail Consortium) certification during the first half of 2015, the award is a further guarantee as to the quality of services provided to its customers.

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