Licar Packaging intensifies its innovative closed-easy solutions and adhesive strips


Licar Packaging has expanded its offering with innovations in its line of display strips, tapes and easy opening and closing latter range in which adds to its catalog representation Sealstrip Corporation

Specializing in the manufacture and distribution of tear tape and hang strips exhibiting company, Licar Packaging, has made several releases of interest in recent months. Among them, they presented Re.Close, a strip closed-easy for bags, with which seeks to meet the growing demand for more convenient packaging and favoring deferred consumption. The first customer in Spain to use this strip has been PepsiCo, who has launched a marketing campaign Lays globally and TV ads in which the advantage of opening and closing the container stands.

Re.Close, of its represented Essentra Packaging, is an effective solution for flexible packaging closure, ideal for all kinds of products that use this type of package: appetizers, pasta, cereals, pulses, rice, etc. Among its advantages, the tape Re.Close adds value to the product, improving conservation and image; is an innovation applied to existing packaging lines, promotional messages and can print up to four colors. The use of Re.Close allows the manufacturer to perform different promotional actions without changing the packaging, only changing the tape. Moreover, since it is attached along the entire length of the container, product purchase to participate in the promotion is necessary.

The Re.Close tape comes in two standard formats: reel 1,000 meters, with a width of 30 mm or coil 5,000 meters by 25 mm wide. Customized packaging formats are available.


Exclusive distribution Seasltrip

Moreover,  Licar Packaging starts the exclusive distribution in Spain with Sealstrip Corporation, an American company that provides innovative tape solutions easy opening and closing for fresh and frozen products, as well as tapes of easy opening for products packed in stretch film.

The result of this trade agreement, Licar presented the new closure solutions for flexible packaging in fresh and frozen Peel&Seal and FreshPAK, the first is an adhesive strip close-easy for fresh and frozen products to be placed on the outside of the bag it can be reclosed after opening the package wrapping and placing the tape over. Meanwhile, FreshPAK is a reclosable easy-open system for fresh and frozen products at room temperature, using a tape tab opening, which allows closure after first use.


More visibility for impulse products

Also among the latest developments in Licar Packaging figure the hang strip bracket for four units was presented at the 2014 Gulfood Dubai fair, designed to give more visibility at the point of sale to sell products on impulse. This development, which increases the adhesive line display strips of the company, is ideal for bags of up to 30 grams for promotions 3 + 1 pack or sale of four units.

Currently, Licar Packaging divides its offer in two product lines: exhibiting adhesive strips, of which are manufacturers since its foundation in 1993 and marketed worldwide in eight countries and tapes easy opening and closing-category the latter is the distributor in Spain of the British firm Essentra Packaging and now American Sealstrip Corporation. The company has customers in various sectors, most notably in the food industry for products such as cookies, snacks, candy, pastries, cereals, coffee, meat or packaging companies.




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