Founded in 1993, Licar Packaging is dedicated to the manufacture of hang strips, distribution of marketing solutions for easy open and close resealable , applicable to dry products (snacks, nuts, candy, etc ..) and the same type of tape fresh and frozen (pre-cooked, fruits and vegetables, fresh cut, etc ..). With our wide range of products we have as scope the entire domestic market and export to various countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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QUALITY AND SERVICE Since the start of his career, philosophy Licar work has been based on offering its customers a perfect combination of service, quality and price, getting with the binding of these factors a consolidation of this family business to place it among the most recognized in our industry. Given that our work is not only to supply a particular product, but our business structure, production, consulting and design allows us to provide our customers with a variety of references able to offer and provide a significant added value. Thanks to this corporate policy, Packaging Licar counts among its clientele with companies in various sectors, most notably in the food industry (cookies, snacks, candy …), cosmetics and graphic arts.

A COMPLETE OFFER Currently, Packaging Licar provides solutions with its three product lines:

ADHESIVE STRIPS EXHIBITORS Suitable for a multitude of different products to help optimize the sale of impulse purchasing major stimulus for the consumer; It is a versatile product line, easy to install, durable and able to operate in hot and cold conditions without any damage. It is fully proven in the market after 21 years of manufacture. In addition, we have recently launched two new Gusset exhibiting and strip lollipops


RIBBONS RASGADORAS Packaging Licar represented as distributor and agent in Spain to the UK’s Essentra Packaging , world leader in the manufacture of this product and its application elements. Through this collaboration Licar-Essentra , we are able to offer any kind of ripper applicable to flexible foil tape with Supastrip XL and for easy opening of any type of cardboard or corrugated cardboard with Rippatape , advising for each type of opening and having a wide range of machinery applications. The tearing tape may be up to 10 colors printed in gravure and microprint thus acting as a distinguishing mark and protection against possible counterfeiting.

As a latest addition to Licar-Essentra have the tape Re.Close as easy solution for closed packages of snacks, cookies, candy, etc .. easy to use and great result .

SOLUTIONS EASY EASY OPEN AND CLOSE Packaging Licar represented as distributor in Spain to the US firm Sealstrip Corporation a multinational company that is known for its cutting-edge technology in both manufacturing and application solutions and adapt to any system packaging existing today. Tapes easy open PeelWrap and Shrinktape solutions are unique in the market because they are easy for flexible film opens. On the other hand the tapes closes easy Peel & amp; Seal and FreshPAK are an innovation because they offer the possibility, hitherto nonexistent, of providing such solutions to fresh produce and frozen. Furthermore FreshPAK provides a dual functionality and is easy to open and close simultaneously.

In all our solutions easily opens and closes easily is a common and very important feature. Not to change the packaging, therefore should not be used more current film to accommodate new features like other solutions. This means savings in economic terms and in terms of time spent to manage possible changes in the package.

We will be happy to assist you and think. What are the solutions that best fit your needs are.