Hang Strips

Certificado BRC Food Industries

The hang strip is exhibiting excellent marketing tool as it provides customers the visibility and accessibility of the product that we sell. SAI Global issued the BRC/Iop certificate in manafacturing process of this product. This certificate reflects the quality and reliability of our product.

Between 70-80% of purchases are decided at the time therefore emphasize and highlight our product over the competition becomes a key element in selling momentum.

We are world leaders in the manufacture of display strips and have the most advanced equipment for manufacturing the specific product. Our products are protected by patents in Europe.

We can manufacture and design together with you. Strips exhibiting different formats to suit your packaging catalog. The strip packaging supports flow pack, semi-rigid or rigid to 200 grams . At all times we will advise to you. providing the format that best suits your product and fits your needs.

We manufacture for more than 20 years and export to over 10 countries.

We as clients prestigious companies both nationally and internationally.

The purpose of the display strip is to provide the customer with a marketing tool in the sales channel impulse that allows:

  1. New presentation product improving its accesibilty and visibillity
  2. Let you access to sales new channels
  3. Increase brand relevance at the point of sale
  4. Let you the cross sales with other products placing  easily the hang strip with them

Hang strip is operational:

  1. Personalization is important because it prevents the use of your point of sale display for other brands
  2. Placing the product in the hang strip is very fast ( 10 bags in 20 seconds )
  3.  We offer different clamping systems according the client needs


Hang Strip

The display strip may have from 6 to 18 windows adhesive configured in 1,2 or 3 columns in high quality digital printing.

Hang Strip

Gusset Adhesive Exhibitor

This is a new type of adhesive display strip, in which much prominence to the brand image is provided with a row of product disposed horizontally with 1 or 2 units.

Gusset Adhesive Exhibitor

Lollipops Strip

The display strip Lollipops can have up to 28 lollipops configured in multiple columns. It consists of a cardboard die comfortably allows you to place the lollipops.

Lollipops Strip